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Heating Comparison Calculator


Calculate and find out the annual costs of your home heating energy use.

Switching to Natural Gas? It's Easier than you think...


 Switching to natural gas couldn't be easier.

And if you act now you might also be available for financing, incentives and rebates.

Why You Should Switch to Natural Gas!


Because natural gas is inexpensive! 

For decades, the prices of natural gas and oil have been linked, with gas historically being the more expensive option. Over the last several years, the average wholesale price of oil has risen and the price of natural gas has dropped. As a result, some Connecticut residents and business owners are now in a unique position to switch to a cheaper, cleaner fuel source.

Is Natural Gas Available on My Street?


Find out in just a few short seconds if you have a gas pipeline on your street! Eversource is always expanding their network to bring natural gas to the entire state, so if you haven't seen your street yet, keep checking back regularly.

Customer Testimonial: Switching to Gas Heat

This is a true testimonial of a customer who converted their home's fuel from oil to natural gas.