March 12, 2019


 "I have had a bunch of random fluke issues with my furnace and they have sent out Ron (I think his name is Ron) to help. He seems like a SUPER knowledgeable guy and has come out on short notice to fix quick things and made it so I didn't have to sleep over my in-laws with my wife and two toddlers. Honestly never thought I would really appreciate a heating company as much as I do! Haha! I need to buy these people a beer! They are legitimately awesome and I would recommend them to anyone!!!"

Brendan C.

March 1, 2019


" Juan was the best. Very nice and explained it all. Answered all my questions and gave me great advice on preventative measures.  Thanks for a great service call and being a great person."

Jeff L.

 February 28, 2019


"Emergency call No heat - After getting a few quotes from several places even getting another company to come out and give me a quote , all of them were extremely high and saying I have a major problem in my hands. I called American Heating and after explaining the problem he told me he can have a tech come out and look at the problem .  Francisco the technician stop by and he inspected the furnace and found it was only the filters that needed to be changed . He went over everything in great detail, very informative tech. A job that I was being told by other companies it was going to cost me 500.00 or more it turns out to be a 192.00 fix and recommendation to do a maintenance. Absolutely recommend American Heating! Great people ! Thank you! :)"

Vexenia S. 

 February 20, 2019


"I received a phone call on Tuesday night that there was no heat in my 96 year old aunts house who has round the clock was 60 degrees in the house and going down ...I reached out to American Heating within and hr Francisco was at my aunts...I cannot say enough about him...he was kind and compassionate as well as a wonderful technician explaining everything he was doing along the wasn't just a job as he truly cared about the well being of my aunt and her aide...he didn't give up until he got the part and had the system up and running by morning ..making sure they were comfortable until the furnace was fixed----I am so thankful for Americans prompt response and for Francisco who went above and beyond --I highly recommend American Heating and Air...Thank you!"

Lynn R.

 February 16, 2019


" Hi, I am an aid and I arrived to work to take care of a 96 year old lady. The furnace stopped working. Francisco came and knew immediately what was wrong hoping that really wasn’t the situation. He tried to fix the problem until he finally admitted to himself that he needed to replace the motor. This gentlemen went above and beyond by giving us an extension cord and making sure our heaters we had to use for the night were in place so that the circuits didn’t blow. He was so sure that no matter what, he will find the part tomorrow due to the circumstances of having an elderly lady at the home. Sure enough with the comfortable night we had because of him, he arrived and showed me exactly what was wrong and fixed it immediately. I want to thank him so much from the bottom of my heart for treating us like a family member. You are very so appreciated in what u do. You are the best and I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. You definitely payed it forward and one day you will get it in return, when you are in need...Thank you!"

Tanya R.

 February 4, 2019


"Called on Sunday,  they were willing to address my problem right away but urged me to wait until Monday Morning to save money. I was there first call on Monday. They were quick, on time and reasonable. The repairman was a credit to the company. It is always a pleasure to find honest hard working people that have your interests at heart. I can’t recommend this company highly enough."

Paul P.

 January 1, 2019


" We had no heat in our home, Francisco spent most of his New Years Day trying to fix that!! And he did! He was very nice and courteous, respectful of my kids playing, and informative about the problem at hand. Although he knew right off the bat that he would not be able to permanently fix the problem until the next day because he couldn’t get the parts he needed due to the holiday, he spent the time and effort to make sure he did everything in his power so we would have heat for the night until he could come back and complete the job the next day. I would recommend this company to friends and family, and I hope Francisco got some serious Holiday pay for working and missing out on time with his kids. Thank you for your time Francisco, Happy New Year! We were warm last night!!!!! " 

Clark R.

November 14, 2018


"I have used American heating twice and both times they have done great work. I don't normally write reviews but I feel they deserve a good one. I moved into a condo that i soon discovered had a heating problem, the boiler would not run properly. It was February and I'd wake up every morning to it being super cold. I called them and they informed me that they couldn't service the boiler at my request because i was only renting the condo but they very willingly "penciled in" an appointment for me, pending approval from the landlord, who called very quickly to approve it. The next day they came out early in the day and the technician actually listened to what i had to say, shortly after that i had heat. A couple months go by and i find another problem, too much heat. Same thing "penciled in" an appointment on a Friday, and they came first thing Monday morning. They said around 8:30 am and were here by 8:45. Again the technician listened to what i had to say, told me what I was saying wasn't very likely but he checked it first and found i was right. He went got the parts, and came back. I'd say an hour later he was done and the problem was fixed. I highly recommend this company and i will gladly call them again if any more problems arise. 5 stars all the way!"

Andrew C.

September 18, 2018


"I have struggled for to find an honest and reliable company to service my boiler for many years.  Luckily, I found American.  Every time they have come to my house they have been prompt, friendly and done a fantastic job.  Had a new boiler put in a few months ago and everything has been working great.  I would highly recommend American for any work you need done!"

Matthew T.

May 29, 2018


"I just want to thank everyone from American Heating Service. From the person who answered the phone (a very pleasant, professional, caring young man). An appointment was scheduled that day! Chico called to let me know he was on his way. He was so pleasant, kind, and informative. I have never had such a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE with any company like that ever!! American Heating Service will ALWAYS be my go to company for any household issues I may have that they handle. Thank you all so very much and please keep up the excellent job!!"

Carole P.

 February 9, 2018


"First, I can't thank you and your staff enough for your patience with me regarding our furnace and financing over the past week and a half. My apologies to you if I was a nuisance, because that was never my intention. Both my husband and I are most appreciative of your professionalism and honesty. I would also like to say that Juan was absolutely wonderful. I really can't remember the

last time I have been subject to such exceptional customer service. He was

professional, polite, and honest…

…We thank you again for everything you have done for us and we will be sure to

recommend your company to others. 

I thank you again so very much."

Debbie S.